Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm sorry everyone (what am I doing???)

Hi Blogger world I'm sorry I have not blogged in a long time I just have been very busy lately.... I know 3 months there really is no good excuse as to why I have not blogged. OK well its 4:00am, let's see what's new? (ya I know I'm crazy I could not sleep. I never really do sleep well, for those who know me well then you know why I can't sleep and if you don't, I don't feel like explaining right now). Well, not too much like 1 1/2 months to go until the wedding. I have been working like crazy. I took a second job at Panago, just for extra money for the wedding and to start saving for Carrie's school. I'm not really doing any theater stuff right now and as of tomorrow I am all done hockey till Sep :( My job is going ok I just got a raise but my job is sooooooo boring I spend all day in a big hanger by myself. I make cedar sign blanks, so like the sign when you come in to Parksville that is engraved, I make the blank signs. Then they get shipped out to California where they are engraved. So anyway, I run the press all buy myself basically it's just a bunch of boards glued together and its kind of a one man show, but the press is so big and the signs are worth so much money and cant be stored outside that I have my own hanger all to my self. The radio has become my best friend (what am I doing it's 4:30am why am I up and blogging about the radio being my best friend... man, I have no life). OK I'm sorry everyone I have just realised that it is 4:45 now and I'm bleeping tired (hey look the sun is coming up hmmm..) I'm going to go to bed I will finish blogging when I get some sleep. What am I thinking being up this late (or early if you think about it)? No, I think talking about the radio being my friend is what did me in. I need sleep....hmmm bed.