Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just some more Pic's

Hi everyone, I was bored the other day so I got in my car and started to drive my first Idea was that I was going to go to Little mountion and shoot my Paint ball gun and take some pic but by the time I left it was like 6:00. So I turned at the ring road and found this really cool back road.

As I keep going the road just got cooler and cooler so here are some more pics

Ok so then I went down to beach to clean are car at the shell station. When I was done the car I noticed that the sun was just starting to go down. So I took more pic some of them turned out really nice.

Just some random people hanging out at the beach

God I love were I live. I may not have much here but I still have this

Ok well the last two are my fav's so injoy

Ok well thats it I have more Pic but I will post them later.

Well ok just one more!( I like Pic's)