Friday, February 23, 2007

I love where I live

Ok well this post is more for my mom then anyone else, but if you are one of the unfortunate people that do not live here, well then you can share in her sorrow. It is Feb 23. The sun is out and it's like plus 7. And NO SNOW HA HA. Well, as you can clearly see, we do not have snow. We may not have the nice yard but still no snow.

Now let's look at this place. Ohhh look they have lots of snow and if I looked right it was like -15 today. Let's take a closer look... is that where I think it is? Yes that's right *smile smugly* it's Edmonton (where my mom and dad live, for everyone that does not know).

Awwwww. Look at the poor cold playground. Now come on what kids want to play on that?

Here is I sign that I am very very glad that I will never have to see or deal with again:

Ok well now for the real kicker just remember everyone it's Feb and guess what?

What the F#@*... let me guess, is that what just came out of your mouth? Well yes they are flowers and yes they are growing in are yard.

And look we have different colors.

Everything is SOOOO green. Ok well I'm done bragging now I just wanted my mom to see the flowers. Ok well talk to everyone late. PEACE :)

PS: Don’t forget everyone that Heroes is on Sunday instead of Monday, so don’t miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

HEROES is the best thing ever and I mean ever

Ok well in case any of you have not already been sucked in by the new show Heroes on NBC or Global. This has got to be the best show ever. I just finished watching tonight's episode and it was amazing. Ya ya I know all of you are wondering how I watched it all ready when I'm writing this at 7:30, well I have hockey tonight and lets just say I have my own ability. Good old satellite yaaaa for it being a different time in Toronto, ok well I just thought that I would post on how great of a show it is and that if any of you would like to start watching it or if you have missed episodes, I know a site that you can watch all of them over and over again. Its called TV links it's great you can watch all kinda tv shows on there if you just scroll down you will see Heroes on the left hand side. Unless you’re a close friend then you could have them all on DVD already, just another power I have. That’s right I know I suck I have all of the episodes on DVD. Ok well I don’t really have powers I don’t think... maybe *scrunches face like Hiro* Nope can't control time maybe I can fly I should go and try hmmm... I guess I just have friends in high places... or are they just sneaky friends... I don’t know I don’t really care they just give me the programs to get the things I need. YAAAA FOR SMART PEOPLE

Ok well Bye for know