Friday, January 19, 2007

Spider Island

Hi every body!!! Ok well first I'm sorry about not writing more sooner. I will have more Pacolypse adventures to come yet but I just thought I would let all of you know about the play that Im doing right now it called Spider Island and it’s a thriller. It's different from any other play I have done, it's twisted and kinda scary. I'm doing the lighting as normal.... So I just thought I would post this and tell everyone that they should come and see it. It's playing at the Errington hall, If any one would like tickets please call me. Ok well here are some pics from the play. Enjoy...

Ok well that is it for now but I promise there is more Pacolypse adventures to come I just have to get the time to think of them.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The beginning of of the Pacolypse

26 AP, January 6

The year is 26 AP (After Paco's rise), Paco's army has taken over my home town and has converted many to his dark side. I have been on the run for days now. The smell of burning flesh is still strong in my nose, for those that did not hide, run or convert were shot like rabid dogs then burnt along with the rest of my town. I'm not even sure where I am right now but I know that they are not far behind me.
If you are reading this then your town as not yet been ravaged by his army of malicious Elves. Keep in mind that these Elves I speak of are not the same as the elves you likely envision in your mind: they are gruesome, distorted and sadistic creatures, bent purely on destruction and pain and thrive on the screams of their victims.
I guess I should explain first on how this all started for those of you in the far places of the earth. Twenty-seven years ago my town was a happy place; we danced, sang and spent hours drinking coffee and eating soft ice cream at the beach hut. Then one day a man only known only to us as Paco started a blog - a journal but any one in the world can read it - where he starting writing. It started only as random theories and musings, but soon turned to something more: a manifesto, a plan for world domination. Slowly he started to take over other people through his blog and recruit them into his Army. His pursuit for power was never ending. He started taking over town after town, with the Army he had created, using some unknown power to convert all of his followers into these Elves. A few have tried to stop him, but their efforts were all in vain: each and every one of them were captured, tortured, and while in the throes of violent death, were turned to stone. Their contorted bodies were erected into statues, as reminders to everyone the results of defiance...
I must go now, they are not far behind. Their smell becomes stronger; it is a distinct stench that can be detected for milles. I will try to make it to the next town before dark. If you do not hear from me again, you will know that I have not made it, and that they are coming. Please gather as many people as you can...
We must fight. We must save our race.